Winning With Shopify

Want To Work With Influencers? Here’s How - With Tripping Millennial

November 10, 2023 Winning With Shopify Episode 244
Winning With Shopify
Want To Work With Influencers? Here’s How - With Tripping Millennial
Show Notes

This week we are talking to Content Creator and Influencer, Rachael Levine from Tripping Millennial.

Rachael & Nick discuss how to start a business on Youtube, How To Work With Influencers, How long you should be working with Influencer’s for, how to get more out of working with content creators and much, much more!

If you’re curious to know the do’s and don’t of working with Influencers, this one is for you!

Key takeaways:
0:00 Introduction
1:46 Rachael on Tripping Millennial
2:14 Tripping Millennial on Taking a Gap Year
3:49 In the Elevator With Rich People
5:44 How to Start a Business on YouTube?
6:44 A Content Creator or an Influencer?
8:46 How to Find The Right Balance Between Influencing and working
11:14 How To Work With Influencers
13:06 How Long Term Do You Want to Work With a Brand?
14:38 How to Get More Out of Content Creators
17:35 Celebrity Influencers on Paid Content
19:10 Have You Worked With Influencers?
25:15 The Do's and Don'ts of Working With Brands
26:47 How To Get Your Money Back From a Brand
29:28 TikTok: An Influencers Contract With A Brand
33:07 How Do Brands Find Influencers?
36:12 How To Reach Out To Brands
40:07 How to Reach Out to a Brand on a Medium
44:10 How to Reach Out to a Brand With Tripping Millennial

Tripping Millennial -

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